Toolbox ? HTML5 WordPress Theme

Posted by Rainey

If you are itching to build your first HTML5 WordPress theme, you should take a look at the Toolbox theme from automattic. Toolbox is a barebones HTML5 theme that should be easy for any seasoned WordPress web designer to customize or build upon.

So, what the heck is the big deal about HTML5?  Checkout this video for a quick broad idea.

So HTML5 is going to rock and you are ready to ramp up for the future and get your hands dirty.

The Toolbox Theme includes:

  • Current supported HTML5 markup
  • A JavaScript file to help IE browsers older than IE9 makes sense or elements like <article>, <aside>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, etc.
  • Minimal structure and CSS to make it easier to incorporate your own design

These are the extremely early days of HTML5, but this is the direction the web is going in the foreseeable future. Might as well get started, eh?