The State of HTML5 Video

The State of HTML5 Video

Posted by Rainey

The need to use Flash for delivering video continues to erode as HTML5 adoption becomes more prevalent.  The Flash camp and the HTML5 camp are now becoming staged for a final battle, where Flash seems sure to eventually lose.  Anyway, enough drama…

LongTail Video has created an awesome guide that quickly details who is supporting HTML5 video and which features have been implemented.  Here are a few high points.

  • 2/3 of the market now support HTML5 video. (IE 6-8 account for 28%)
  • Browsers are still split on which media format to use. (so, it is still a pain to support all browsers)
  • Most browsers support the new video tag attributes – poster, preload, autoplay, loop and controls. (Surprisingly, iOS and Android actually suport the fewest of these)
  • Fullscreen playback, Adaptive Streaming and Accessibility are all lacking any real support.

Longtail video will be keeping the guide up to date as browsers continue to receive updates.  You can find the full State of HTML5 video guide on their website.

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