The Taco Game

The Taco Game

Posted by Rainey

So, are web games back?  I am beginning to see more and more little web games on websites and it seems they may be on the comeback.  It is starting to feel like the era just before Adobe ruled the web with Flash and every banner ad was an interactive game. 


The Taco Game is a Responsive HTML 5 game where you make guacamole, cook the meat, shred the cheese and final make the taco. The game is done really well and is simple enough to play.  The artwork is fantastic and I love the watercolor look. The mechanics are simple and even access the phone’s accelerometer. I didn’t even realize this was an option, but apparently it has been available for some time. (Link)

The possibilities now are so much greater with HTML5 and mobile devices than they were with people running Flash on their old CRT monitors. Plus, social media makes it much easier to spread the word about our games.

I am excited to see more of these web games, especially considering game play on mobile devices. I feel like the promise of HTML 5 and true web apps is really right around the corner now and that is pretty awesome!

This gorgeous game was crafted by Good Morning AS and Kitchen Oslo.

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