Google Analytics Introduces Many New Features, Including Content Experiments

Google Analytics Introduces Many New Features, Including Content Experiments

Posted by Rainey

Google has been putting some serious muscle into Analytics lately.  I have never been so excited about statistics in my life, seriously.  And yes, you did catch me reading the Google Analytics blog.  I have long been a fan of Analytics, but these new features are pretty awesome. Let’s dig in.


Events Flow

This feature is for anyone needing help understanding how users navigate a website? Now, I can see how people navigate the website and where they leave.

More about Events Flow.


Social Value

Measuring the value of social media has certainly been a challenge.  Google Analytics Social Value quickly shows which networks are delivering the best results and which are converting to earn the most cash.


More about Google Social Value.


Content Experiments

I saved the one that I am most excited about for last, Content Experiments.  I was already ramping up to some A/B testing for a site that I run and this should make that process much less painful; so long that it works as it does in the video.

The idea:

  • Create a couple variations of an existing page.
  • Add these pages to Content Experiments and decide how often to show the new pages.
  • Add the generated code to the website.
  • Sit back and let Google decide on a winner!

I will be trying this out soon and will post an update on how things go.

More about Content Experiments.


These are the 3 updates that I am most excited about.  Let me know if you have a favorite that I did not mention.

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