Dynamic WordPress Content With Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic WordPress Content With Dynamic Widgets

Posted by Rainey

So, the other day I was in the early stages of coding a client’s WordPress theme with conditional elements for widget areas.  The theme would display various content based on conditions like authenticated users, the front page, etc.  This particular client works time and materials, yeah for me, so time is money to them.  While considering the various ways to approach handling this it occurred to me that someone may have a widget for this.  

Enter Dynamic Widgets for WordPress. After installing this widget included everything I needed and more.  The interface is easy to use and allows me to quickly manage the rules for each individual widget. And, this plugin works for bbpress, BuddyPress and more.  Here is a screenshot of the Dynamic Widgets interface.


All in all this is a fantastic widget and is easy to setup, use and manage.  Learn more about or download the plugin at wordpress.org/plugins/dynamic-widgets.

Now, I do realize that coding the theme with my original approach to include a separate widget area for the logged user, front page, etc. would have been more intuitive to use from a client’s perspective.  But, after communicating the 2 approaches to my client they chose the Dynamic Widget plugin approach.  They saved a couple hundred dollars and I gained credibility because I have their best interests in mind.  Also, we can always go down that road later if they change their mind.

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