Browser News Roundup

Browser News Roundup

Posted by Rainey

It has been pretty quiet on the browser front in January, but we do have a few things to cover now that we are half way through February.

Firefox Adds Powerful New Developer Tools

Perhaps the most exciting bit is the new development tools now baked into in FireFox.  These new tools feel more like the developer tools available in Webkit browsers like Chrome or Safari.  The UI looks cleaner and more designer friendly than others, but the functionality looks very similar.

More about FireFox’s new toolset

Firefox also released their 2012 Strategy & Roadmap


Chrome Launches on Android

At first glance it looks pretty awesome!  And, it can sync with your computer to have the same tabs open, access a centralized search history and sync bookmarks.

More about Chrome on Android

Checkout Chrome’s page on Google+


Microsoft Issue’s Many Critical Patches for IE

Many critical updates are being rolled out by Microsoft this week for IE version 6-9.  These updates address a number of security vulnerabilities and should be pushed through the autoupdates.

More about these updates.


Opera Also Releases Security Updates

Opera highly recommends that all users upgrade to the newest 11.61 version of the browser.

See revision history and and get the latest build.

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