Browser News Roundup – early July 2012

Browser News Roundup – early July 2012

Posted by Rainey

Mmmmm… It is time for some more yummy Browser News as the browser wars are flaring up brighter than ever in mobile.

Chrome is on iOS and It Rocks

chrome ios

So, Chrome is now available on iOS and it is awesome.  The UI is clean, navigating between tabs is easy and, quoting a friend of mine @notaustintexas, tab syncing is almost as delicious as bacon.


Firefox Coming to the iPad with Junior

Firefox has set it sights on the iPad and will be Webkit based. Completely re-imagining the browser, Junior has no tabs and completely fills the screen. To navigate to new sites, users can hit a + button to bring up a search/favorites/recents screen.  This sounds odd, but seeing it in action looks is pretty nice.

“Junior — an iPad browser that makes browsing more fun, more ergonomic and re-thinks browser user experience from the ground up.

Search Tabs — taking search to the next level, restoring real search engine choice and expanding the search market.

Presence — talk to people, share links, and stay in touch with your friends directly from the browser.”

air mozilla


Firefox OS?

Firefox OS

Yep, it looks like Firefox is making a push to become a mobile OS competitor.  Before you discount this they do have an interesting approach.  Relying heavily on HTML5, Mozilla is working to make Firefox OS

“entirely to open Web standards, where all of the device’s capabilities can be developed as HTML5 applications.” – The Mozilla Blog


Safari in iOS6 Gets New Goodies!

Safari in iOS6 will support the Web Audio API and CSS filters.  While the audio is cool I am most excited about the filters.  Checkout this demo to see why.


Meanwhile, back on the Desktop…

Are you beginning to notice a trend here? The effort being pushed into the mobile browsers is awesome.


Chrome is King of the Hill


According to StatCounter’s Global Stats, Chrome overtook IE to become the most popular browser last month.

And – Chrome 20 Patches a Slew of Security Vulnerabilities


Firefox Introduces Command Line for Developers

Coming to Firefox 16 or 17, this tool will give developers the power to call up commands for testing and trouble shooting. You can try it now in the Firefox Nightly build flipping the devtools.toolbar.enable preference in about:config.



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