10 Great Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

10 Great Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

Posted by Rainey

Now that responsive web design is all the rage, theme shops are launching responsive eCommerce WordPress themes.  One area that I see great potential for responsive design is in eCommerce.  Before we get any further, let me cover what responsive web design is and why it is important.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Simply stated, responsive web design is creating a website that looks similar across multiple devices. So, a responsive website will have the same look and feel whether you are on an iPhone or a desktop with a large screen.  The iPhone version however, might reduce the layout to one column, make buttons larger for fat fingers and collapse the navigation into a drop down menu.  All of this is accomplished with CSS and is a great way to ensure a great experience across multiple  devices.

Why You Should Care.

With responsive design you can make your store look and feel more like an app. One reason that I feel eCommerce is a perfect fit for responsive web design is boredom.  We have all seen people, me included, bored with cell phone in hand mindlessly clicking around the web at Starbucks while waiting for a $4 coffee drink.  These people are looking for something interesting. You have an opportunity to fill this desire when they happen across your site, if you offer responsive images that fill their screen and a buying experience that is quick and easy on a mobile device.

Another reason is people are picking up their phone more often to find find what they need because it is the first device they have access to. Will these buyers choose to shop another site over yours because the other is quicker and easier to use on their phone?

So, with all of that said, here are 10 responsive eCommerce WordPress themes to get you started.



Woo Themes: “Argentum is a responsive WooCommerce theme featuring a unique, responsive design optimised for mobile devices. It is the perfect theme for selling your catalog of products, small or large to users at their desktop computers, or on their smartphones.”

Runs on WooCommerce

Comments: Woo Themes has created some great looking responsive eCommerce WordPress themes.  Argentum is clean, intuitive and the mobile version feels very app-like.



Woo Themes: “Emporium is a modern, clean, responsive WooCommerce theme with it’s homepage optionally showcasing noteworthy content in a slider, recent blog posts, and store items, as well as widgetized regions to add some personal touches.”

Runs on WooCommerce

Comments: Extremely clean and app-like.  The responsive layout is thought out well and is very intuitive.


Woo Themes: “Shelflife is a clean, e-commerce focussed theme with a homepage dedicated to featured, popular and recent products with dedicated spaces for mini-features and promotions powered by their own custom post types, as well as a widgetized sidebar and footer regions.”

Runs on WooComerce

Comments: Shelflife is clean and has a fantastic responsive design. The mobile experience is very clean and feels very app-like.



Tokokoo: “Like its name, by Paloogada, we try to cover and serve all what you wanted to have and what you wanted to be. Various kind of products are possibly to display here. Display your products differently in grid view or even list view. We serve it all for you. Responsive layouts and also Facebook integration are our best serve, and don’t forget we linked you directly to your Facebook Page by interactive link at option in Paloogada.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: This theme looks good, but the responsive portion feels unfinished as the iPhone’s vertical view looks a bit busted. This theme could be solid with an hour or so of CSS work though.

Toko Buku

Tokokoo: “TokoBuku has clean, clear, and minimalist design taste that will smoothly run your store without have to load a bunch of images that you don’t actually need. So, your store will load in a second (not a minute) and your customers would be very happy while they browse any item on your store.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: This theme looks great and has a pretty solid experience on the phone. I would still tweak a few things if I were using this for a store.



Tokokoo: “Sell your fashion, clothes, and many more apparel products of your business site fabulously with Fabulous. Big images of your featured and recent products, easy-to-find yet eye-catching shopping cart, and image slideshow, gives you more chances to get linked with your customers, besides (of course) its integration with your other social media’s accounts.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: I like the look of Toko Buku and Palooganda better, but this one has a more finished responsive feel.




Tokokoo: “We acknowledge that sport has wide variety of forms and rules. A theme for selling sport equipments should have specific characteristics to balance the wide variety of sports, too. We designed Olahraga responsive WordPress ecommerce theme to answer that challenge.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: This theme is looks great, is clean and has lots of options.  As with the other Tokokoo responsive eCommerce WordPress themes, this one has some minor details you may want to address on the iPhone. I love the idea of a large slideshow to feature items in, but the links are not working properly in the demo.  It is probably just a bad link, but worth asking before you buy.



Storefront Themes: “This theme was designed from the ground up with music in mind…featuring ajax page loading so your music can play while browsing, audio playlists for each product and incredible control over the colors and background textures of its sleek design.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments:  Xyloto is one of the more sleek looking responsive eCommerce WordPress themes that I found.  This one also feels fantastic on the phone but does have a couple of odd places.  These could easily be tweaked with a bit of CSS work though.



Storefront Themes: “Consumers are changing as fast as technology…make sure your shop “echoes” that change by responding the demands of your customers. Make your shop beautiful, unique and accessible by any device they can get their hands on.”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: Echo is very clean and professional and the phone experience feels intuitive and looks fantastic.



Storefront Themes: “From the V-Grid animation of your product images, to the unique blog layout, to the mobile-ready responsive design, this theme has a lot of features that your average WP eCommerce theme doesn’t…”

Runs on the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Comments: GridPort looks very nice and has a great looking experience on the phone.

Do You Have a Favorite?

If you know of a responsive eCommerce WordPress theme that 1) I didn’t include and 2) is awesome, please let me know in the comments.


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