10 Best Free jQuery Notification Plugins

10 Best Free jQuery Notification Plugins

Posted by Rainey

Are you pumped and ready to checkout the exciting world of notifications? I know that sounds pretty boring, but these jQuery plugins help spice things up a bit. These are 10 of the best jQuery notification plugins that I have found, so please add other solid examples in the comments.



Sticky, in my opinion, is drop dead gorgeous.  Not only is Sticky super tiny but it is also super simple, clean and unobtrusive.



jquery notification

jquery-notify creates translucent notification boxes that overlay browser content.  These can be configured to time out, include links, include icons, include buttons, trigger new notifications and more.



jquery notification

noty is a jQuery notification plugin that is very configurable and allows notifications to be easily placed in different areas of the browser window. noty includes jQuery notifications for alerts, errors, successes, information and confirmation.


 jQuery Notification Menu

jquery notification menu
jQuery Notification Menu takes a slightly different approach to notifications.  This plugin places the notifications under a menu of categories where a user can keep track of their notifications.


Pines Notify

Pines Notify is another highly configurable jQuery notification plugin and has one “special kind of notice” called non-blocking. Some other cool features of this one include loaders and dynamic notices.


jQuery Notty

Not to be confused with noty, Notty is a jQuery notification plugin which actually looks a bit more like jquery-notify. This one is clean and simple and has a more glassy look than jquery-notify.



okNotify is a notification plugin that is similar to Notty and jquery-notify, but with a more simple and less techy look.



Gritter is another jQuery notification plugin which looks similar to Notty, jquery-notify and okNotify.  Gritter has some different Apple-like styling out of the “box” than the others, so I thought I would mention it too.


jQuery Notification Plugin

The jQuery Notification Plugin spills simple success, error, warning and information messages down over the top part of your browser window. These can also be timed in or out to suit your needs.



By now you may be able to tell that there are many notification plugins out there that look similar to growl. And, for the record I did not include them all in this post.  I tried to show the ones which offered something different that the “norm.” I like this one, toastmessage, mainly because of the clean design.

So that is the world of jQuery notification plugins today.  Please leave other examples that I missed in the comments below.



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